We Value Personalised Service

Meet Our CEO - Mark Horvat

With over 30 years experience in the IT industry and a security consultant for the past 15, Mark has specialist expertise in penetration testing, cryptography, security architecture, and computer forensics to name a few.


With a passion for decoding and solving the problems that others can’t, Mark knows that personalised service is the key to keeping each individual company safe and is committed to making himself available to every client so they know they’re getting the best.


He is a Certified Ethical Hacker, Master Licensed Penetration Tester, Certified Computer Examiner, CISSP, and Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer.


Most importantly, Mark has been awarded with ranking in the top 100 worldwide through the EC-COUNCIL and now sits on the LPT Advisory Board for them.*


Mark’s extensive experience with IT integrators also includes designing and delivering the most complex of security solutions for public and private clients in diverse industries.  


From sensitive government information to banks and some of Australia’s largest corporations, Mark’s experience has clearly demonstrated his ability to keep clients safe from even the most sophisticated attacks.


He has expertise in a number of different security frameworks and guidelines including:

  • Enterprise Information Security Architecture (EISA)
  • ISO 27000 series
  • The Federal Government’s Information Security Manual by Defence Signals Directorate
  • The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) guidelines



    It is our number one goal that your organisation's data be kept safe and private. Breaches to confidentiality can occur either through sophisticated attacks or simple lack of systems that lead to workplace error. Our experts find the vulnerabilities and stop them.


    The integrity of your organisation's data involves ensuring your data is trustworthy and free from tampering. Hackers can attack your reputation by destroying the integrity of your data. We safeguard your integrity with the gold standard of security.


    Data is only of value when it is available to those who need it without it becoming available to those who don't. This is essential to keeping your organisation in business. Ensuring safe backups and a full disaster recovery plan will keep your data safe no matter the threat.

The Advantage Of Innovation

Cyber 7 is a pure play security company that does all things security while offering a truly personalised service.


Through our award winning security expertise, we have developed unique systems for staying ahead of increasingly sophisticated attacks, saving you costly disruptions and damage to your organisation.


Cyber 7 is technologically agnostic, meaning that we will always present the most specialised and cost effective security solution the market has to offer.

 The A-Z Of Security Services

Our business focus, experience and proven lifecycle approach distinguishes us from other cyber security companies.  Our technology skills, experience and capabilities allows us to provide the complete A-Z of all your security requirements in a truly personalised way.


Because our expertise spans the project lifecycle, we can help you at any or ALL stages of your security needs.  From strategy through design and implementation, into operation and support.   At whatever stage you involve us, the focus is on creating solutions that are achievable and sustainable to provide tangible value for your business.

From Vision To Realisation

From vision to realisation and operation, we’re well versed in all aspects of the project lifestyle.  We know how to use and deploy technology as an enabler for business, with hands-on experience delivering projects of all sizes and complexities.


Cyber 7 has in-depth market knowledge and experience with select industries.  This combined with Cyber 7’s business acumen and personalised service means you get the clarity you require to make the specific security improvements you want without wasting valuable resources.