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Security management can be a complex, time-consuming, and expensive undertaking for all organisations and can become especially chaotic for those with limited security resources, time, and budget.
With the security gap widening and cyber attacks becoming more sophisticated, having a managed security service in place allows for real-time threat monitoring working 24×7 while allowing for the latest in tools and world-class analysis.
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Security As A Service

Total Security Care Package

Our MSSP Partner

We Proudly Partner wIth RAPID 7 As One Of Their Managed Security Service Providers (MSSP)
When it comes to providing managed services, we look to partner with the best. That’s why we use RAPID 7 as our MSSP partner.
Rapid7 is a leading cyber security solutions provider, on a mission to make successful security tools and practices accessible to all.
The partnership between Rapid 7 and Cyber 7 provides gold standard solutions in a marketplace full of vulnerabilities.  Simply put, we keep you safe.


With the demand for remote work growing and the reliance on cloud storage increasing, the risk of attack is no longer about “IF” but “WHEN” it will happen.   The cost to corporations is not just in dollar value, but loss of irreplaceable privacy to assets like intellectual property as well.